Sentiments of the Cerebral

Sentiments of the Cerebral
Poetry by Silencio Barnes
Eternal Figments of Reality – Part 1

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01/ On Creation (video)
02/ The Birth
03/ I, of the Streets
04/ Mirrors (audio)(video)
05/ Ambiance
06/ Hot Air Balloons
07/ Gutter Child
08/ Possibilities
09/ Final Notice (audio)(video)
10/ The HerStory of She
11/ On Love
12/ How I Feel About You
13/ On Your Kiss
14/ Serpent’s Tongue (audio)
15/ The HisStory of He
16/ The Speech (audio)(video)
17/ Dilemma
18/ Militainment
19/ The Killing Joke
20/ On Nature
21/ Opportunities Past
22/ Being Attractive
23/ Flowing